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Portuguese and Spanish to English Translation Service


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Portuguese and Spanish to English Translation Service

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Certified Portuguese and Spanish to English Translations

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Translating since 1997

Portuguese Translation Services

There are almost 200 million Portuguese speakers in 34 countries around the world, so Portuguese translation is essential for international business success. Portuguese is the seventh most commonly spoken language in the world (third among the western languages), and it is the official language of seven countries: Angola which has 10.3 million inhabitants, Brazil with 151 million, Cabo Verde with 346,000 inhabitants, Guinea-Bissau has 1 million, Mozambique has 15.3 million, Portugal has 9.9 million inhabitants, and finally São Tomé and Príncipe islands have a total of 126,000 inhabitants.

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Merrill Translations is specialised in Portuguese to English translation. We translate general documents, financial documents, legal contracts, technical manuals, marketing material, information technology, software applications, user manuals, websites…  



Spanish Translation Services

There are many translation agencies that offer Spanish to English translation services in Europe and throughout the world and Merrill Translations is proud to be a leading Spanish to English translation service provider offering a wide range of services to their individual and corporate clients alike.

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Merrill Translations is specialised in Spanish to English translation. We translate general documents, financial documents, legal contracts, technical manuals, marketing material, information technology, software applications, user manuals, websites…  


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If you are in need of Portuguese to English or Spanish to English translation services you are in the right place. Merrill Translations is specialised in certified Portuguese-English and Spanish-English translation. We guarantee you a rapid response to your translation needs. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can rely on Merrill Translations, so order your Portuguese to English or Spanish to English translations right now. Simply email the documents that you would like translated to or call us at +351 965419038 in order to receive the best Portuguese to English or Spanish to English translations from Merrill Translations. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results, because you will receive the most professional translation available.
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Translation Services

Certified Translation

Document translations can be certified, notarised and legalised to meet your exact requirements.

Website Translation

The world is online. Reach valuable new markets with our professional website translation service.

Financial Translation

Merrill Translations is specialised in financial translation of commercial contracts, annual reports…

Contract Translation

We translate sales, supply and employment contracts from Portuguese to English and Spanish to English.


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Certified Translation Services

– and many more…

Portuguese: The world’s seventh most spoken language …

There is a widespread misconception that Spanish works fine for communication in Brazil, which means that the Portuguese language is largely overlooked. Visitors to Latin America will almost always give priority to Spanish, …


  • zaida Home

    Zaida Machuca (Traductora Autónoma)

    "Monica Merrill is a highly competent translator who knows the value of delivering a finished product on time. She is not afraid to go the extra mile to ensure the quality of what she produces."

  • Filipe-Galetic1-150x150-7f-150x150 Home

    Filip Galetic (Independent Social Media and Online Marketing Consultant)

    "Monica Merrill is a dedicated, highly experienced translator who provides an outstanding end-result every time. She always meets deadlines and ensures that terminology is accurate and consistent. She is also very friendly, approachable and easy going."

  • Catarina-Aleixo-150x150-7f-150x150 Home

    Catarina Chase Aleixo (Writer – Journalist – Translator)

    "Monica is an excellent professional translator who sticks to stipulated deadlines and provides accurate translations from Portuguese to English. I highly recommend her."

  • Jesus-Cid-150x150-7f-150x150 Home

    Jesus Cid (Project Manager at Indra)

    "My collaboration with Monica in several ES>PT and EN>PT projects has always proved to be very successful. I recommend her, she's a trustworthy and professional translator."

  • Robert-Jastram-150x150-7f-150x150 Home

    Robert Jastram (Director of North and Latin American Markets at Sepura Systems)

    "I hired Monica to help us on a time sensitive very technical document and was pleasantly surprised at the technical accuracy of the translation as well as her ability to turn the work around in a very short time. I am planning further work with her as a result in the near future."

  • Joaquim-Rocha Home

    Joaquim Rocha (Software Developer and Founder of Gmailbox)

    "Merrill Translations was very important in the process of migrating Gmailbox from being only a Portuguese website to be an international website."

  • Chris-Szabo Home

    Chris Szabo (Creative Director at Navega Bem – Web Design)

    "I have hired Monica Merrill on many occasions to do translations for high profile hotel and tourism websites and her service has been of the highest professional level. Even technical industrial websites have been delivered with a thorough understanding and translation of the base content."

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